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The Environmental Benefits Of LED Lighting

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LED lighting is one of the most environmentally sound investments you can make for your home and business. If you've always wondered about the benefits of making the switch, here are some of the impacts LED bulbs have on the environment compared to both traditional incandescent and fluorescent bulbs.

They use less energy

The number one benefit of commercial LED lights is their energy use. LED bulbs use up to 80% less energy when compared to your typical incandescent bulbs. This means they emit less heat, making them less of a danger when it comes to fire safety, and they can lower your electric bill considerably. LED bulbs use this energy more efficiently, making them an environmentally-conscious alternative.

They last longer

Your lighting design will shine for years to come when you use an LED lighting alternative. These bulbs can last up to 25 times longer than a traditional incandescent bulb, making them a great investment for your long-term lighting design. Small LED lights for businesses can also be easily switched or replaced in the event one goes out. Additionally, large LED fixtures shine bright enough to make up for one or two dead bulbs in your overall lighting design. You might not even notice it's gone.

They are made with no toxic elements

Fluorescent lights utilize mercury to give off that cold, unwelcoming, shadow-less glow. They also require special disposal methods due to this added metal, which can pollute the environment.

By comparison, LED lights are made from non-toxic materials, so there's no risk of poisoning your children or polluting the environment should one of them break.

They use recycled aluminum

Remember all those cans you put in the recycling bin last week? You can rest assured knowing that LED bulbs are putting your recycled metal to good use. LED lighting relies on this repurposed metal, and it's estimated that future advances in aluminum recycling efficiency will make LED lighting even less expensive and more eco-friendly.

Finally, thanks to new advancements in manufacturing processes, LED lighting is no longer more expensive than the alternatives. Even when it does have a higher upfront cost, LED lighting has proven to pay off in the end. Because of its environmental efficiency, you'll feel confident knowing that your lighting design looks great and helps the environment.

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